Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Measurement versus Residual Error Terms

Did you know that in STructural Equation Modeling (SEM) there are unique error terms associated with both measurement and structural model?

Exogenous versus Endogenous variables

Exogenous variables are also known as predictors/independent variables. They are those variables that cause changes in other variables (endogenous variable). Changes that occur in the exogenous variables are as a result of respondents’ demographical characteristics and hence cannot be explained by the model.

Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)

Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) is conducted after the researcher has gained substantial knowledge about the latent variables (s)he wishes to study.

Measurement versus Structural Model

Unlike the measurement models which deals with the relationship between a latent variable and its indicators, the defines the relationship between the various constructs in a model.

Latent versus Observed variables

Social Acceptance is a latent variable because is too broad and the researcher cannot measure it directly. The researcher is tasked to design a set of questions/items (that have been empirically tested and conforms to theory) to measure Social Acceptance. The questions measuring Social Acceptance are called observed variables because...