Exploratory Factor Analysis

Average Variance Extracted (AVE)

On average, how much variations in your items can be explained by a construct or latent variable? This is the purpose of AVE.

Composite Reliability

Does your construct's composite reliability value meets the threshold?

Reliability Analysis in SPSS

Do it yourself - Learn how to determine reliability of each construct and that of the research model using Cronbach alpha (α) in 4 simple steps.

Concept of Reliability

Pause! Let me ask you a question, how reliable was the questionnaire you last distributed or how reliable were the various items/questions measuring their respective construct?

Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)

In Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), the researcher has no prior intention of confirming the existence of any existing relationship prior to the analysis of the data, but instead, the researcher allows the various techniques, methods, procedures and rules to reveal the relationship in the data.